Lightkeeper Ministries

Contact Us for information or make a Request for Financial Support 

For more information about Lightkeeper Ministries, Inc., contact us at:

Lightkeeper Ministries, Inc.

P.O. Box 30
Penn Laird, VA  22846

To request financial support, please note these general eligibility guidelines and specific instructions:

General Eligibility Guidelines:

- Lightkeeper Ministries was founded to provide financial support to Active IBO's on the Taylor Organization who are in
  serious financial need.
  • An "Active IBO" is generally considered to be a Taylor IBO who is actively building the business. This activity is typically evidenced by an IBO who is attending Taylor events, creating volume and seeking to expand their business and help others.  (Why? Because the ministry was founded with the philosophy that we want to "help those who help others".) 
  • "Serious financial need" is generally considered to be a situation, for example, where an IBO has lost their job, had a serious illness, suffered a serious accident, house fire, or other incident AND has a resulting serious financial need.
  • We strive to provide funds only after other sources of support (e.g.: insurance, unemployment payments, church or government support, etc.) have been expended or are unavailable. If in doubt of the IBO's qualification, please submit the Form below.
  • Our support is generally provided over the short-term while other sources of support are sought. We do not provide cash to the individual but instead pay for housing, utilities, services, or other bills as needed and requested.

Requesting Support:

- A request for support is typically submitted by the upline Platinum, but can be initiated by the IBO.
  • Platinum's who know of an IBO on their team that meets the general qualifications stated above should submit the below Form. Alternatively, the IBO may contact their upline Platinum and request that he/she submit the Form.
  • All requests for support and all provided details are treated as highly confidential and a member of the LightKeepers Board of Directors will contact the IBO privately to inquire on their detailed needs.
  • If you believe that your situation is sensitive and you'd rather not go through your Platinum, you may submit the below Form directly. However, in that case, you must identify your Platinum's name and Contact info... who will be contacted to confirm that your are an "active IBO". 

- Information on filling out the "Request for Support" Form, below:
  • The Platinum (as noted above) is the principal individual who should submit the Form to Lightkeepers.
  • The Platinum need not provide any documents or highly detailed information regarding the serious financial need... but there should be an understanding that we do require the IBO to be "Active" and have a "serious" need.
  • We want to help those who help others.... so if there is any doubt as to the IBO's financial need - we prefer that you still submit the form. The Board Member will gather the details from the IBO directly and take the case to the Board of Directors who will prayerfully vote on the request.
  • Typically, after the request is submitted by the Platinum, he/she will not be contacted by the Board regarding the resolution of the request. We typically work only with the IBO for confidentiality reasons.

- What happens after the Form is submitted:
  • Lightkeepers will assign a member of the Board of Directors who will gather all the necessary details and make a report and funding recommendation to the members of the Board, who then can request more information or directly vote on the request.
  • We do not pay an individual cash, but rather we typically pay bills directly to the company owed. In cases of funding being needed for living expenses (for example with someone who is temporarily homeless due to a house fire) we have other means to help the IBO.
  • After the Board votes to help the IBO, the payments are sent out. This process can happen fairly quickly.